• Private Lesson Gift Card


    Private Lesson Gift Card

    30 minutes of professional training in TV, Film & Theatre

    Looking for the perfect gift, look no further than a 30 minute virtual private performing arts lesson! Join our expert acting & singing coaches for a 30-minute comprehensive private lesson that will cover a variety of development tools you need to turn your auditions into recalls. Classes can cover: Self Tape Advice & Recordings | Audition Advice & Preparation | Accents (US&RP) | Script Work & Monologues | Acting Through Song | Singing – Musical Theatre | Private lessons cost £20 per 30 minutes. Please see further details below regarding booking.
  • 1-Week Scream Trial for Ages 2-5

    2 hours of professional training in drama, singing and dance.

    Our industry professionals offer engaging sessions for children passionate about acting, singing and dancing. These sessions are ideal for boosting confidence in your little ones, improving their communication skills and giving them a fun outlet with real-world potential for the future. We offer your children a space to become themselves, no matter if they have never performed before. If this sounds like fun, please reach out today.  When: Wednesday 4pm – 6pm / Saturday 9am – 11am Price: 1 Week Trial £25 Booking: When you are ready to book your trial, call 01253 309060 or email info@screamtheatreschools.com
  • 2-Week Scream Trial for Ages 6-18

    6 hours of professional training in TV, Film & Theatre

    Whether you want to become a professional performer or receive knowledge from industry professionals, Scream Theatre Schools has the team for you. We accommodate all forms of experience and provide high-quality workshops to prepare you for the world of Television, Film and Theatre. Our friendly team aims to boost confidence while learning various performance skills such as script work, ensemble pieces, etc.  We believe in supporting our young performers to achieve their goals, which is why we offer professional-led workshops in acting, dance and theatre. Our award-winning tutors and industry professionals accommodate all forms of experience, your children or loved one will receive a chance to learn new skills and develop in a non-threatening space. When: Wednesday 4.30pm – 7.30pm/ Saturday 10am – 1pm/ Saturday 1.30pm – 4.30pm (During normal school term times) Price: 2 Week Trial £50 Booking: When you are ready to book your trial, call 01253 309060 or email info@screamtheatreschools.com
  • Summer or Easter School Giftcard

    Our Easter & Summer Schools are designed for artists aged 6-15 of all experience levels to access professional training. Over two exhilarating weeks, you will receive 60+ hours of workshops - giving you the skillset to prepare and perform songs and learn rehearsal techniques to succeed in auditions. It’s recommended to book early to avoid disappointment - there are limited places for this opportunity.
    The first week will involve you engaging in workshops with our industry tutors Anthony and Vinani. Both hold degrees in Musical Theatre and have performed under Olivier Award-winning directors and Disney feature films respectively. Over the first 30 hours of training we will cover:
    Vocal Techniques Sight Reading Improve Dance Techniques Physical Stamina and Strength Develop Connections With Characters Rehearsal Techniques
    The second week sees the ensemble moving full-speed ahead to the showcase production. Our tutors will direct and inspire creativity as you improve on your ability to take direction and choreography practises. Your understanding of the rehearsal process as part of a group will significantly improve over the next 30 hours of training, focusing on the triple-threat skills you have learned over the past week. The showcase production is a unique chance to perform for a live audience. Friends and families are invited to watch the fantastic production, fronted by the acting school that Screams talent across the UK.
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