Online Classes 6+ and High School Students

Since its foundation in 1998, Scream Theatre Schools has developed an enviable reputation which is built on consistent standards. We can only provide you with exceptional service if our students, parent/guardians and ourselves work hand-in-hand, to support our aims and objectives.


1 (A) The following terms and conditions shall apply to all children accepted to attend the Scream Theatre School. By signing where indicated below the Parent agrees to be legally bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


“Company” means Scream Theatre Schools LLP “Child” means the child registered by the Parent to attend the School.
“Client” means the Parent of the Child registering to attend the Scream Theatre School;
“Parent” means the parent or guardian of the Child
“School Fees” means the annual fees due to be paid by the parent to the Company as detailed above and as updated on an annual basis.
“School” means Scream Theatre School.


3(A) We require all School Fees to be paid on time as per the agreed payment plan set out above;
3(B) All School Fees paid are non-refundable;
3(C) Payments are due by the 1st of every month, which covers the School Fees for that month;
3 (D) The School Fees entitle the child to attend three hours of tuition per week with Scream Theatre Schools for 36 weeks per annum. During each three hour session, the child will participate in one hour of Acting, one hour of Singing and one hour of Dancing. Term dates to be advised.
3(E) Missed sessions are non-refundable; they can however be transferred to another session during the same week or watched online for 7 days if you are taking part in an online course, if pre agreed and at the discretion of the Principal;
3(F) From time to time, additional workshops and rehearsals may be required or offered – these are ‘extra curricular’ to the Triple Threat Academy and will not form part of the monthly School Fees. A additional payment may be required for extra curricular classes /activities but costs will be advised in advance at the time of booking;
3(G) Any bank charges we incur due to returned cheques will be passed on to the Client for payment. There will also be an administration fee of £5 for any payments of School Fees that are paid more than seven days late.
3 (H) Prices may increase including during the minimum term. We will let you know about any material changes before we make them.


4(A) By signing this agreement the Client agrees to be bound to a commitment period of twelve consecutive months and to pay the School Fees for the child to attend Scream Theatre Schools for a minimum twelve month period. Also see 5. Termination.
4 (B) The contract is a legally binding agreement between the Company and the Client to cover the School Fees for three hours a week of Acting, Singing and Dance training, undertaken within Scream Theatre Schools’ Triple Threat Academy;
4 (C) The contract will automatically roll over at the end of the 12 month contract period, for a further 12 month commitment period, unless the Client advises the Company in writing via email to info@screamtheatreschools.com by the end of the 11 month that the Client does not wish to attend for a further 12 month period.


5 (A) All Clients will be given the opportunity to try out the services offered by Scream Theatre Schools’ Triple Threat Academies in the form of a Trial;
5 (B) The Client may terminate this agreement at the end of the initial third month if the Child started in September (i.e. end of November), by giving one month’s notice to terminate at the end of the first term. In the event of termination in accordance with this clause 5(C), one third of the annual School Fees will be payable plus a cancellation fee of £69. ; 5( C) If the Child has passed this stage of opt out, the full amount of the School Fees for the minimum period of 12 months shall apply, annual fees are calculated at a cost of £24 per week x 36 weeks;
5 (D) Notice of intention to leave will only be accepted if written in letter or email form to info@screamtheatreschools.com to the principal; verbal or Facebook messages are not accepted forms of communication for this;
5 (E) (i) Once we have received official notification of intent to leave, we will acknowledge this formally and confirm what School Fees remain due and outstanding ; All outstanding School Fees must be paid by the date the child leaves. The Company reserves the right to charge interest on any late payment of School Fees payable under this clause 5(E). 5(F) The Company may terminate this agreement in the event that a child is persistently abusive or disruptive in sessions or regularly breaches the Schools Rules of Conduct. In these circumstances, the Parent will be invited to the School to discuss the issues but if the Child if the outcome is that the child is dismissed from attending the School, all outstanding School Fees for the 12 month commitment period shall be payable immediately.

6. UNIFORM AND PERSONAL POSSESSIONS (Includes online courses where applicable)

6 (A) We request that children refrain from bringing items into the School which are not required, such as iPods, iPads etc – The Company shall not be held liable for loss, damage or theft of such items;
6 (B) Mobile phones must be switched off at all times;
6 (C) The recording of workshop sessions is strictly prohibited, unless express permission has been granted by the Principal;
6 (D) All property including uniform should be marked with the Child’s name to assist in the safe return of lost items. The Company shall not be held liable for items damaged or lost;
6 (D) i) All lost property will be kept at reception in the designated Lost Property Box; it will be kept for 30 calendar days and disposed of at the end of the period;
6 (E) Every Child is required to wear the Scream uniform to all sessions (minimum requirement is the School T shirt). Uniform is an essential part of Scream’s workshops – it is designed for ease of movement and to remove any social hierarchy caused by ‘brand names’;
6 (E) i) A letter or email will be sent home to regular offenders who frequently disregard the need for uniform. The Company reserves the right to supply a child with uniform to wear during the sessions and the cost of the uniform will be invoiced to the Parent ;
6 (E) ii) Regular disregard of this rule may result in the dismissal of the child from Scream Theatre Schools;
6 (F) Correct footwear must be worn at all times, no sandals or boots should be worn;


7(A) Photographs or recordings may be taken of your Child to use for marketing & recording purposes; If you wish to opt your Child out of this, please inform us in an email to info@screamtheatreschools.com.
7(B) Students of Scream Theatre Schools may be invited to join Scream Management at the discretion of the Agency Director – this is, however, separate and supplementary to the work of the School and membership of one does not constitute automatic membership of the other.
7(C) The Parent consents to the Company holding personal data relating to your Child on file, while the Child is a student of the School and for a maximum of 12 months thereafter. The Company confirms that all personal data held by the Company is held in accordance with the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998. The Parent is entitled to request a copy of any information held by the Company relating to the Child at any time during normal working hours. Personal data will not be passed on to any third parties and will not be used outside the School at any time.
7(D) If a teacher is unable to teach the workshop, a suitably qualified replacement will be found
7(E) A written report outlining the staff’s view of your Child’s progress, potential attitude and effort will be provided at the end of the school year (July or December for 2020).

I have read and agree to all these Terms and Conditions imposed above by Scream Theatre Schools. Enrolling your Child at Scream Theatre
Schools is confirmation that you are fully aware and in acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

I confirm that I would like to pay the annual School Fees on the payment plan option outlined and understand I will not be able to swap from one
payment plan to another during the 12 month commitment period.


  • Workshops start promptly – we ask all children to arrive at least fifteen minutes before start of class;
  • Scream Theatre Schools follows a curriculum of activities and events, and therefore Presentation Day and the Screamin’ OSCARS are compulsory events for all children;
  • Drinks, sweets or food are not allowed in any of the studios/rooms at any time, unless on designated break/lunch times and under the supervision of Scream staff;
  • Chewing gum is banned from all Scream Theatre Schools venues & during online classes;
  • Parents are required to keep Scream Theatre Schools up to date with correct contact details, all changes should be reported to info@screamtheatreschools.com;
  • If your Child is going to be late or absent from workshops, please email info@screamtheatreschools.com;
  • A career in the Performing Arts requires self- discipline: Scream tries to educate its students in a routine of disciplined behaviour which will be important to them on-stage and in life in general.