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Scream Theatre Schools | Junior Classes FAQs

What is the commitment period?

For our Scream Juniors, we require simply a month’s written notice if your child wishes to leave. Our ethos is that we ‘Create Confident Children’, we can only do this with commitment and dedication to training. This formula is tried and tested.

My child has joined, but it isn’t working out. Where do I stand?

Firstly, we understand some youngsters have difficulties when adapting to new environments or joining established groups – this is human nature! We ask that you make us aware of any problems so we can help you and your child overcome them. Stick with it! We’ll help!

Secondly, if you have had your Assessment, accepted a place and joined, then we require a month’s written notice as per the Terms and Conditions you’ll have signed. Your child is still welcome to attend for the month that is being served as notice.

Do you offer discounts for siblings?

Yes! We offer a 25% discount for the second child, third child etc. from the same-parent families.

Is there a registration fee?

There is a £15.00 registration fee, which applies to all students. You’ll here more about this in your Welcome Pack if you’re successful in your assessment.

Are there discounts if you pay months in advance?

We currently offer discounts if you wish to pay termly or annually. Please call the team on 01253 309060 for help with payment options.

Do you accept everyone who books an Assessment?

No. We are very fortunate in being over-subscribed and able to be very selective with those who come to try out for a place at the school. However, we always love discovering new talent  and helping it to develop, at whatever stage it is. You do not have to be a great performer already – it is our job to help you!

Do students take exams?

Pupils at Scream Theatre School may take optional examinations during some of our terms dependent on the curriculum (exams are optional as examination fees are payable). We offer a fully rounded training of a professional standard. Our workshops are full to the brim with high quality teaching with a heavy dash of fun!

Do students take part in productions?

We have one main performance for our juniors annually at the end of the summer term. Our Presentation Day is where we celebrate the achievements of the Juniors and give them the opportunity to perform on stage for parents, guardians, friends and family. Our productions do carry an entry fee of £20 – £25 for each pupil.

Do you offer free tasters before I book an Assessment?

From time to time, Scream Theatre School offer free Open Days for the general public and prospective students to come and see us in action. These are the only free tasters available. However, if you attend an Open Day you do still need to book an Assessment at a later date. This is the only path for entry to Scream Juniors.

What kind of dance will they learn at Scream Juniors?

Street Dance is the main dance genre that we teach at Scream Juniors. We were one of the pioneers of this when we began in 1998, and it’s still incredibly popular with youngsters twenty years later! You’ll get a taster of this at your Assessment Day!

Can I join Scream Theatre juniors after the term has already started?

Yes! An Assessment can be booked at any point in the year. Starting part-way through a term may mean that it won’t be possible for the student to partake in some activities. However, students can still participate in all classes and the creative team will do their very best to ensure all students can take full advantage of the opportunities available.

How will I know how my child is getting on?

One of the most important things is to know how your child is getting on and identifying areas for further development. This is why we provide an annual progress report from our teachers and school management team, which will offer constructive feedback in the areas of Acting, Singing, and Dance. Where appropriate, we will also comment on behaviour.

Is my child safe at Scream Theatre School?

Your child’s safety is of paramount importnace to us and your child will always be overseen by someonewho has an up-to-date DBS check (the new-style Criminal Record Bureau check). If you wish to be sent our Child Protection Policy, please email

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