Scream Theatre Schools

About Scream Theatre School

Founder, Tracey Bell, created Scream in 1998 after enjoying successful careers in banking, finance and marketing.

After winning a contract to manage performance professionals at a major UK tourist destination and a number of other entertainment venues, she recognised a need for professional training, which at that time, was only available in London.

Scream Theatre School has since built an excellent reputation for finding and nurturing talent for films, TV, voiceovers, musicals and theatre, both in the UK and overseas, and we continue to develop one of the best teams in the industry that manage and build lifelong careers for young people in the talent.

We mould talent at all levels, not just those with industry potential, with our theatre schools giving young people the confidence to succeed in all walks of life. As an alternative to a traditional dance school, our students experience as much as possible to create well-rounded talent with the abilities to take centre stage.

Recognising the wealth of talent throughout the North of England, we were one of the first occupiers to sign up and move into MediaCityUK, and have built a thriving theatre school with excellent links into industry decision-makers based right next door to our Salford base.

Scream is teeming with talent and we’re extremely proud in the work we do in continuing to launch the careers of some of the UK’s best actors, singers and musical theatre stars.

We would love to add your name to our vibrant, growing list. Click here to find out more about our open days.