Protection & Policies

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Attendance Policy
Consistent Attendance is REQUIRED at all times!! In order for your child to progress, attendance is key. Students may miss only if she/he has a valid excuse (medical issue, family emergency, etc). The school principal MUST be notified if any absence should occur, via email to or 01253 309060. For their safety, your child will NOT be able to participate in any class if they arrive more that 15 minutes late, they will be asked to observe the class and take notes. As a parent / guardian you will be held responsible for payment, even if your child does not attend a class. A commitment is a commitment and should be respected.

Fees & Payments Policy

What type of payments do we accept?
We accept cash, Cheque, Standing Order, debit & credit cards

You can also pay online at

When are payments due?
ALL payments are due by the 24th of the previous month, (e.g: 24th of November for December).

You can make your payments at the school on a Wednesday or a Saturday or you can send your payment to our head office at:

The  Red Door Studio’s
11 Wareham Road

Should I expect to pay any additional fees?
Yes. Costumes and rehearsal fees will be due at a later date if your child takes part in the events. Plenty of notice will be given for these fees and dates. No child will be able to participate in the events unless all their accounts are up to date.

There is a £10 fee for all returned cheques. Following one returned cheque, we ask that all subsequent payments be made in cash or by card.

credit cards

Scream operate a full term notice policy. If a student wishes to leave the Theatre School a full terms notice is required in writing to discontinue their place.

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