Ashley Luke Lloyd : Scream Alumni

Ashley was one of our Scream Originals 20 years ago, when he joined us at the age of just 6. Ashley was scouted by our sister company Scream Management, and has since starred on the West End in Whistle Down the Wind, Billy Elliott, Dreamgirls, Loserville, Mamma Mia, Jesus Christ Superstar AND Legally Blonde… 

Plus, you may have spotted him on screen in Waterloo Road, The Royal, I could never be your Woman and Doctors… what a talented guy!  So, we managed to pin him down for a quick 5 minute chat…

Favourite show so far?

My favourite show is such a tough one because each show has its own strengths and style/character. I had so much fun playing Michael in Billy Elliot. However, I think Dreamgirls is my favourite musical I’ve danced in as it’s full of high intensity choreography and the best costumes ever! I got to travel round Asia with the Mamma Mia World Tour too and that adventure will stay with me forever,

Top audition tip?
Confidence is key, however lots of performers forget that the casting team want a star to walk in to play the role, so be yourself and be confident- you might be just what they’re looking for.

Favourite aspect of performing and why?
Performing to a live audience will always be the best feeling. Having their energy bounce back to the stage is a special, unique feeling. Acting is just pretending to be someone else, that’s always the most fun.

Advice for current Scream students?
Nothing comes out of thin air. Dedication and hard work are the key to any success and of course a huge helping of passion and a little luck.

Favourite Scream memory?
I absolutely loved my Saturdays, they’re what I used to live for, I had the best time. My favourite was always showtime. We used to perform at the Hit’s show, so getting to perform to 2000 was the best buzz. My Scream friends are still some of my closest friends today almost 20 years on.

Your plans for the future?
Dreamgirls closes on Jan 12th and then I fly to Korea in Asia to play Joe in Flashdance. I am super excited for lots of filming I have done in 2018 which will be announced soon. My biggest advice ever is love what you do, and it will love you back!!!!

Thank you Ashley, it's been amazing hearing more about you and your career!


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