Scream Sweep up at the Lancashire Street Dance Competition

On Sunday 30th June 2013, Scream took a number of their performers across to Prestwich in Manchester to attend and Compete at the Derek Povey Lancashire Street Dance Competition. Open to the whole country, Scream were up against some very stiff competition from the beginning but were soon in the competing mode and Trophies were coming our way.. First to win was Anya Trachillis who won 1st in the Under 12 Solo Category, then our very own Street Break Teacher Harrison Greenwood also took 1st in the Over 16s Advanced Solo Category and then a 3rd place Soloist went to Jess Brown... 3 Trophies won and only the first category done... We then moved onto the Group Section - as the atmosphere intensified and the Groups started to perform we could see that the Standard was very high.. Beast Mode was the name chosen for our U16s Group entry.. They went on and the attitude that they gave during their performance was amazing - the room was buzzing... It was a very nervous wait until the Group Presentations but there it was - Another 1st for Scream in the U16s Groups..... This win spurred on our Over 16s for their Team event and they had decided to call themselves The Fourth (as in the 4 elements of Street Dance).. The music started for them and the room got louder and louder, full support for Scream - when they started the house dance section, even the judges started moving in their seats... BOOM!! Another 1st Place and another 8 students running around with medals and trophies.... Surely that was it for Scream, but no.... they now had the bug for it and decided that they were all going to stay until the end and compete in the Duo´s although they had nothing prepared for them - it was a case of a quick 10 minute rehearsal outside and give it a go... By the time they had performed, i think all of the parents had lost their voices with shouting and supporting them all. All we had to do now was wait for the presentations of the duo´s.. No rehearsals, just a case of remembering class routines and giving attitude on the floor and BOOM BOOM - Georgia Graham and Morgan Meechan came 4th in the U16s Duos, Jess Brown and Joshua Hill Barreiro came 4th in the over 16s Duos, Katie Patchett and Lydia Aspinall came 3rd in the Over 16s Duos, Harrison Greenwood and James Panter came 3rd in the Over 16s Advanced Duos and yes, Ladies and Gentleman Scream had managed yet another 1st Place win with Anya Trachillis and Karis Lomax winning in the U12s Duos... What an AMAZING day. We already knew how super talented the Students of Scream were, but to go to a competition and walk away with over 22 Medals and Trophies is unbelievable. A Huge congratulations must go out to all that competed and a huge thank you to the parents that took time out of their own weekends to bring the children across to Manchester and stay and support them.. Well Done everyone.. Here´s to the next Competition... Watch this space.



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