Presentation Day "Auditions"

LES MISERABLES AUDITION FOR PRESENTATION DAY For Presentation Day this year, which will take place on Wednesday 10th July 2013 or Saturday 6th July 2013 depending on which school you attend, we are going to be putting together a Les Miserables Medley and would like to give you all the opportunity of a SOLO within it. With this in mind we will be auditioning for 3 different parts on the FIRST school day back, which will be Wednesday 10th April 2013 within your Singing lessons. We require: Gavroche to sing Little People - Cossette to sing Castle on a Cloud - Eponine to Sing On My Own - Master of the House - You will need to go onto the You Tube links and learn the song or songs that you would like to audition for, so that you are prepared when we come back. This is a fantastic opportunity for you, and i would hope that ALL of you give it a go. Hope you have a fantastic Easter...



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